The Nursery group can welcome


  • 10 children,
  • aged from birth to 18/24 months.

The Trotteurs group can welcome


  • 14 children,
  • aged from 18 to 30/36 months.

Both the Nursery and the Trotteurs are located on the ‘Vassaux’ site.


The Grands group can welcome


  • 20 children,
  • aged de 2½ years until the age of entry to school.

The Grands crèche is located on the ‘Canons’ Site.

Located on two separate sites in the heart of the village of Founex close to the local school, Easy Kids premises have been specially designed and equipped for children of pre-school age. They offer multiple safe opportunities for play and discovery, indoors or outdoors in a green and verdant setting.


Easy Kids crèche has a capacity to take 44 children a day, divided into three age groups.



Easy Kids Crèche was  the initiative of Jean-François Segatori, an architect, who had the desire to install a nursery on the ground floor of a building he was constructing.



In 2007, Jean-François Segatori opened a crèche in the Rue des Canons, Founex, offering 17 ​​places, welcoming a group of 7 "Trotteurs" and 10 "Grands".


In 2012, the crèche expanded with the creation of a second site on the Chemin des Vassaux . This site hosted the " Nursery " which would welcome 10 babies as well as a ‘Trotteurs’ group which was opened for 14 children aged from 18 to 36 months old. The original ‘Canons’ site would hence host 20 ‘Grands’ of pre-school age.

Easy Kids is a private organization, and is not affiliated with any children’s pre-schooling network. It therefore receives no funding from public authorities or private companies.


Easy Kids crèche is subject to the same rules as public crèches. The Children’s Day Care office (OAJE) grants permission to operate and function as their control body (verifying the composition of the teaching staff, security of the premises, educational care ...).


Easy Kids is directed by Mrs. Angèle Abotsi.


Educational teams are composed of childhood educators (HES / ES), educational assistants and auxiliaries. Trainees and Apprentice/s complete the teams.


If you would like to work with us, please apply!



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