meals (FRench)


From 7.45 to 8:15 (for those who wish).


Toast, cereal, fruit, milk, fruit juice or water.


Individual meals are prepared for babies. Collective meals are served to the older children. 4-5 children sit at low tables with one adult.


Balanced menus containing grains or pasta, vegetables cooked/raw, meat or fish.


Dessert  (milk products or fruits).


Water or unsweetened tea.




For example: bread with a choice of sweet or savoury topping, cake, yoghurt, biscuits and fruits.


Water or herbal tea.

Particular attention is paid to ensuring that good quality balanced meals are served in a convivial environment. An external professional kitchen delivers the meals before lunch. Each menu is created using local, seasonal produce where possible.


Meals are included in the fees.


In addition to the label ‘Fourchette verte’, Easy Kids crèche has benefited from the label ‘Youp'là bouge’ since January 2014. Launched in 2009, the cantonal project aims to fight against sedentary lifestyles by encouraging movement from a young age.


The spatial planning and daily activities at Easy Kids crèche are designed to allow children to explore and develop their motor skills. This takes place daily, indoors and outdoors, regardless of the weather.







The menus served are carefully designed and balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your child. The crèche adheres to the ‘Fourchette verte’ standards.


For children with allergies, intolerances or who follow special diets , special meals are ordered.


For babies, the portions are controlled and servings are prepared with the recommendation of the parents for each child individually.





Nappies and care products are included in the crèche fees.


In the Nursery, naps are proposed according to the rhythm of each child and the recommendation of their parents. The ‘Trotteurs’ and ‘Grands’ are offered a collective moment of rest after lunch.